Chósta on his anxiety influenced video for ‘The Coldest Stare’

What are your musical influences?

This will sound horribly cliched, but my musical influences are all over the place and evolve constantly. I have quite a varied taste and that’s certainly become more pronounced during the past year with more time alone to properly listen to music. Similar to many artists or producers making beats, hip-hop producers such as J Dilla and Madlib would have informed a lot of what I was doing and still do. In electronic music, I’m a massive fan of Burial, DJ Koze and Mount Kimbie. At the moment I’m heavily influenced by Godspeed You! Black Emperor and their use of sound/field recordings. I’d also hazard a guess that the Velvet Underground are by a distance my most listened to artist/band on Spotify over the past few months; I’m a bit obsessed. 

What is the concept for the video?

So for the concept of the video we wanted to illustrate that sometimes an individual can be so wrapped up in their own anxieties/paranoia that they pre-judge and misread another person’s intentions. I would’ve been quite neurotic as a kid, so I guess the idea loosely sparked from that. The video is largely inspired by 90s horror films and a lot of the Blue Velvet era David Lynch stuff. The video was directed and shot by Rob Maguire, who is a director, editor, promoter, musician and all-round talented dude from Swords in Dublin. The masked man was portrayed by my good friend Ciarán and the footage was shot near Donabate beach, where I’m from. 

Tell us about the track, how and where was it made?

The track was made in the attic of my parents house mostly with my laptop and MIDI keyboard. The piano loop I wrote with a patch I made on Ableton from plug-ins and effects. The percussion was mostly put together from samples I’ve collected or recorded, including the snare roll loop towards the end which is literally just the recording of a hammer hitting metal. I use virtually no hardware when making music. I’m not against using the right bit of kit, but finding strange sounds that I can manipulate interests me a lot more. 

Anything else coming from you soon that people should look out for?

I’m aiming to have my first EP out over the summer and also have a larger project in the works for further down the line

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14th May 2021