Dylan Forbes – Echolalia [Yin Yang]

Dropping on September 4th; the emerald isles newest label Yin Yang ready a monster twenty five track various artists compilation showcasing some of the finest electro, techno and rave across Europe with a strong focus on homegrown talent.

The Yin Yang team have put together a diverse selection – from the dark riddims of Kessler to the metamorphose techno of Natural Sciences affiliate Mutant Joe.

We’ve locked in the debut of Dylan Forbes’ ‘Echolalia – a dreamy cut of jazz-dipped jungle; brimming with euphoric energy whilst also offering time for a bottle of water and a hug. Crisp percussion and meditative energy blend to create a sense of contemplative ecstasy. Pre-order the full release here and peak an interview with the crew below.

What was the inspiration for setting up the label?

It’s something I’ve wanted to do and kept in the back of my mind the past 2/3 years. At the start I didn’t have a clue how to go about it and of course I gradually took my time, soaking in everything needed to take the first step. I’ve been obsessed with independent and respected labels from across Europe for time – putting out fantastic music and in it for the right reasons.

Hessle Audio, Craigie Knowes, Lobster Theremin play a big part in the inspiration side of it. It’s something I knew I was going to do with the brand when it was a just pen and paper idea. I feel that there has been a serious lack of what I want to push and represent as a label, not just in Dublin, but in Ireland. The whole Covid and lockdown situation also played a big factor and gave me a perfect amount of time to plan and process everything as it looks like we will just be online focused with no parties/events for a long time still.

How did you first come across Dylan’s music?

It’s only been the past year or more since I first met Dylan and also came across his music. It was through friends of friends and over time we just started to click. Before this I had heard nothing but good things about his productions and style of tracks. The more he would show me or the more I listened, I knew it came natural to him and effortless. I mentioned it to him that I would love to work with you on some releases when the time is right, here we are! Plenty more to follow, great chap all round nonetheless.

What’s next for the label?

Next on the agenda is definitely our first record release. Don’t want to say or give away too much for now as it’s early days, but we plan on having our first record out before the Christmas period for sure and many more after. The main focus with the label is Irish electronic music and releases, but of course it’s great to work with international artists and have them involved with the compilation and other upcoming future projects. You can count on exciting music, mixes and more from a very exciting new Irish label! You can call me bias all you want, the label and projects will do the talking for itself.

Anything else you would like to add?

Just also want to give you chaps a mention as I have a lot of time and respect for what you do, pushing and representing in Belfast. Sound and music taste-wise is next to nothing and your work ethic and authenticity seems to come naturally. Pushing boundaries and taking pride in what you do along with representing Irish artists out there always. There’s a lot of people out there that could do with taking a page out of your book. The new website and interviews are great I wish you nothing but the best for the future. Big up fellas and nice one for the quick chat!