Lee Kelly – Still Hopeful It’s True (DJ OK RemixXXX)

We’ve been fans of Lee Kelly for time. The Dublin producer is just as handy at making a face melting bangers as he is exploring the deeper side of electronica, showcasing an emotional versatility and open mind.

‘Layers of Identity’ came out on cassette imprint wherethetimegoes (of which this latest release shares its title) and was one of our favourite releases of last year – floating in and out of breaks, jungle, left field leaning house and ambient.

‘Excerpts from Layers of Identity’ features handpicked cuts from the original cassette for your listening pleasure.

We’ve copped the remix of Still Hopeful It’s True (Or S.H.I.T for short) from Berlin duo DJ OK. Funny enough, the first time we ever came across DJ OK was when Lee and First Second Label boss DCFSLman played together on Red Light Radio. They dropped a crazy, dubbed out breaky number that blew our minds. A quick Instagram message to Lee enlightened us to who it was by.
DJ OK has flipped Lee’s beatless ambient sequence into a optimistic, emotive groover.

‘Excerpts from Layers of Identity’ drops on Dublin’s First Second Label on June 24th. Support the artist and label in full by copping it via their Bandcamp page