Midnight Blue – No Buses Running

Midnight Blue sees the charming coming together of Irish producers Moving Still and Kobina as they explore deep ambient textures and emotional, down-tempo rhythms; symbolising Dublin’s 4am sunrises and the spaces before – and in between – the club.

The collaborative pair asked us to choose our favourite track from their City at Night project, which is available now on Bandcamp with all proceeds going to homeless charity – the Peter McVerry Trust.

Moving Still told us that at times it felt like he and Kobina were tapping into each other’s consciousness – both artists completely understanding what they wanted in a super organic way.

It was difficult narrowing down a favourite, but we went with nostalgia inducing No Buses Running. The title itself incites visions of the controlled chaos that makes up the route to and fro – excitable jumping into taxis, anxiously approaching the rave, the sudden self-reflecting silence when it ends.

It’s a beautiful sonic journey through the moonlit city streets that inspired it. Dublin sounds as beautiful as ever.

You can cop the full release now via the Bandcamp icon at the top of the page – enjoy!