KETTAMA: To G-town and back

When the pandemic struck Evan, like most, ventured home. Although not a permanent venture, there’s something wonderfully full-circle about the producer venturing into new sonic territories in the very room where he started making music.

Now known globally for his peak-time, party starting bangers, he channels a new kind of energy on his recent remix of Anastasia Kristensen for fabric in-house label Houndstooth – a high speed, cinematic trip that shows a side to Kettama previously unseen.

We sit down with the G-town native to talk about making it, being back in Galway and the beauty of the full circle.

This remix of Anastasia Kristensen on Houndstooth is one of the best tracks we’ve heard this year, honestly. I get a similar vibe from it to the one I got listening to Tsukuba; a little less party focused (but still bangs) and a little more emotionally driven – is this an aesthetic that you are going to be exploring more in the future?

It’s a different tune, I’ve never made a tune like it. I’ve never gone with the keys like that. I got the stems and sent it back in three days. I just had fun with it, kinda got lost in it. It came out mad weird, but cool. It isn’t some crazy Aphex Twin shit, but there is that element of, like, what the fuck is it?

I’m making a lot of different music at the moment, you get bored making the same shit. Over the last six months, making all this different stuff, it all culminated in that remix. I enjoy making that stuff, but I’m not really thinking about what sort of route I’m going to go down. It’s coming up, and I enjoyed making it, so I’m sure there will be more to come.

Galway looks great craic. We interviewed Cóilí for our very first feature and basically spent an hour chatting about the place. Did you leave Galway to live somewhere else or have you always been there? How does it feel to be back surrounded by so many like minded friends?

I was in London, then I moved to Glasgow and then I moved back to Galway last year. It’s good being back man, it’s a buzz. When you grow up in a place you’ve lived your whole life you, you don’t get sick of it, but you’ve been to all the pubs and shit. It’s good to be back, it’s mad to be back in the same place I started making music, it’s kinda gas how it’s gone full circle.

You have linked up with Rebel Phoenix before on a track. Are there any other Irish MCs you would like to get on a track in the future?

We linked up once and did two tracks together, one was the remix that I released. It was cool doing that one with Rebel as we really get on. It would be sick to do more stuff like that, just send me the acapellas and I’m in.

I remember hearing a jungle track that you did before, it would be cool to look at getting an MC to hop on something like that with you

That would be sick. Yeah man, just send me some stuff and I’m down.

Now that we’re slowly (but surely) on our way out of lockdown, what have you got coming up?

I got news coming out about a new EP coming out alongside the news about the remix, I’m fucking buzzing with it. I don’t know if I can say who it is by, I don’t think I’m allowed. There’s a lot of stuff on there that’s influenced by what I’m listening to now; some techno, some 140 hard groove, breakbeat.

The guy who’s label it’s on, when I was DJing in Galway and had no fucking tunes out, he was playing in the same venue as Shampain and I and I handed him a USB, this must have been around 2017.

I thought he wouldn’t even look at it, we went back to an afters and I’m sure hundreds of people were giving him USBs, but he ended up playing the tunes all over his tour. That’s really how I got any sort of airtime early on because he was banging out all of them when they were unreleased, so it’s cool how that’s gone full circle also.

Kettama’s remix of Anastasia Kristensen’s ‘Voice Within’ is out now on Houndstooth – cop it here

29th June 2021