FMB Mixtape 166 | Plain Sailing

This week on the FMB Mixtape Series, we welcome Plain Sailing, the Belfast-based DJ duo & party crew. First, we caught up with them to find out what they’ve been up to lately…

We’ve managed to keep ourselves fairly busy over lockdown – we launched our Plain Sailing zine as a way to stay connected to artists we love and also launched a PR agency here in Belfast – Harbour Music Society. It’s been great having an outlet and having the opportunity to still pursue our passion. It’s been a pretty stressful year nonetheless, but there’s finally a little more optimism in the air.

The mix was recorded in my (Pete) flat with the windows open and sun shining. It was recorded on a little pioneer controller, which has come in handy for recording mixes, not having to constantly borrow gear or head to a studio.

We wanted to cram as many genres as we could in there and stuff you might hear at our parties. We have such a wide range of influences and we wanted to showcase that. The mix spans UK techno, breaks, garage, R&B and grime – even a cheesy edit or two.

Up next…

We’ve just started planning our next run of gigs which we hope to be able to announce fairly soon and our PR agency and blog keeps us super busy. As much fun as it is, we miss the community aspect music has brought us and we just can’t wait to give all our mates a hug and get back to playing and putting on parties.


Neinzer – Rassalin
James Bangura – Silk Worm
Kaval – Firing Devices
Syz – Bunzunkunzun (Yushh’s Droop Mix)
Alex R – Shotts
Jubley – Feel It
Bailey Ibbs – We Run
London Modular Alliance – Regular Customers
Roy Mills – The News
Mani Festo – Come Wid It
Ludacris – Saturday (blanco club edit)
Addison Groove – Brand New Drop (Nikki Nair Remix)
Denham Audio – Top Buzz
Uniiqu3 – Rave In My Room
Shygirl – Want More
Walton – Rewind Riddim
Jossy Mitsu – Turismo
Mani Festo – Disengage
Brent Faiyaz ‘Fuck The World’ (Huna Edit)
Raw Takes – Shake Junt
Scratcha DVA – Blue Light – Scratcha DVA’s RnG Mix
Erika de Casier – What U Wanna Do
Zeez – Heartbroken