Karmag – 014 (Get-out-of-your-head mix)

Dublin DJ Karmag comes thru with a carefully curated mix of soul-cleansing ambience and down-tempo gems.

Featuring more introspective selections from artists such as Shanti Celeste, Tommy Holohan, Djrum and Skee Mask, this is a sequence soaked in sadness and brimming with optimism. Clear the fog from your mind and lock in.

About the mix:
“I have wanted to record a mix like this for quite some time. It’s a collection of ambient tracks and vocal excerpts from many of my favourite producers such as Shanti, Ciel, Leon Vynehall and Djrum.”

“To be used as a sonic tool when the noise all gets too much and perhaps something to aid any reflection, recovery and growth at the break of the new year.”


1. Home is where the music is – rRoxymore
Stunning horns and sound design alongside an excerpt from the 1970 documentary film Groupies.

2. Vespa – Bicep
Dreamy chords and cut samples from the supremely iconic Belfast duo.

3. Makmba – Raica
The sound of raindrops spread across the ocean that is Big Stone Lake – Galaxy 2 Galaxy.

4. Big Stone Lake – Galaxy 2 Galaxy
The combination of chords, saxophone and the sounds of the ocean inspires much reflection and growth.

5. A Storm – George Earnest
Behind the darkest cloud may be the brightest day.

6. Sea Watch – Floating Points
Strings to ring on to the end of time. A lifetime of a story in this one. The whole album is incredible and the live show in Printworks is a must watch.

7. Moons – Shanti Celeste
I have been a big fan of Shanti’s productions for quite some time and the vast array of styles on her new album was amazing and inspiring to hear.

8. Sphere in Total – Skee Mask
Sounds of the planet earth from one of the most inimitable producers around.

9. Julia (Footnote IV) – Leon Vynehall
When I was preparing this mix, I stumbled across the video Leon sampled of the girl Julia. It’s from 1967 and called Teenage Runaways Lost On The Streets of NYC.

10. Still Hopeful It’s True – Lee Kelly
Discovered this track a few months ago and was blown away by it. I’d recommend giving the whole EP a listen.

11. Sensual – Loraine James
This features the artist Theo on vocals. Released in 2019 and was highly rated as one of the albums of the year.

12. Tales – Yu Su
Everything Yu Su makes is stunning. The growing percussion is everything here.

13. Theme 2 – Roman Flugel
Similar water drop sounds to Makmba with deep percussive sounds and long chords. Roman has a huge collection of work similar to this.

14. Log Jam – Pariah
Tumbling energy and alarm bells from Pariah.

15. Profit (No Till) – Digital Justice
Released in 1994, this must be the oldest track in this mix, hasn’t aged a day and fits in beautifully alongside newer productions.

16. Lab Conditions – SCB, Scuba
Acid sounds and ringing melodies backed by wide and full chords.

17. Terracotta – Ciel
Dream like vocal samples describing a mystical landscape backed by building drums.

18. Blue Violet – Djrum
Djrum is an incredible producer and this is my personal favourite from his album Portraits with Firewood. This is a 3 minute taster of an 8 minute story like many of Djrum’s productions.

19. Mega.D – Tommy Holohan
I am very glad to be able to include some of Tommy’s work in this mix. A very talented Dublin based producer, would love to hear more of this style from him in the future.