Quiet Reflections 001 – Holly Lester

DJ Holly Lester - Plain Sailing - Quiet Reflections Mix Series

Throughout these uncertain periods of isolated stillness, we have found ourselves drawn to ambient, downtempo rhythms – as have many others – so we’ve invited a bunch of our favourite selectors to journey us through their favourite lucious soundscapes.

First up is Irish based DJ & Duality Trax label head, Holly Lester. Holly played at our last party before the lockdown alongside Marion Hawkes and and has been implementing ambient music as a peace-finding tool to navigate through these uncertain times. Here she takes us on a blissed-out trip through rich, flora soaked worlds. Quiet Reflections celebrates the slow, the ethereal and the contemplative.

Look after one another


  • Brian Eno – Signals
  • MLO – In Search of Lost Time
  • Four Tet – This is for You
  • ASOK – Universe Three
  • 猫 シ Corp. – E d e n   T r a n s i t
  • RAMZi – Crepuscule
  • LDS – Blau
  • Steven Halpern – Interstellar Light
  • Stephen Legget – Bathhouse
  • Seltene Erden – Hoidas Lake
  • Bella Boo – Stars
  • Lury Lech – Barreras
  • Susumo Yokota – Kirakiraboshi
  • Synetics – Natural
  • DJ Fett Burger & DJ Speckgürtel – Sonnen Ambiente
  • George Earnest – A Sea
  • Susumo Yokota – Tobiume
  • Shanti Celeste – Being (Ambient Version)