Shelter on Wax – 037

Shelter On Wax first flew onto our radar with his track ‘Untitled(Pbar Cut)’ a track that really struck a chord and has since been listened to almost on a weekly basis. it’s transportive qualities had us dig deeper; exploring the various moods and textures presented in both his mixes and tracks. Now the Berlin based artist turns in a mix spanning ambient, electro, left-field, house & techno – and it did not disappoint!

Tracks by Lord Of The Isles & Ellen Renton, Shelter on Wax, Actress, Mr. Ho & Mogwaa, Chaos In The CBD, Morose, 2Lanes, Les Sins & AceMo, Herman Funker III, Yaleesa Hall & Malin Genie, Franz Jäger, Gosub, Andy Panayi, Sansibar and Orson Wells (In this order).