The Big Plain Sailing Riddim Round-up vol. 11

Yes, yes! Last Bandcamp Friday of the year, and we’re back with another batch of riddims straight out the oven!

Support the artists, support the movements! Here’s what in our bag this week!

EL-B – Alrite

Ah, there’s nothing quite like an EL-B bassline. Be quick to cop this speed garage cut, it’s only available for today.

Littlefoot – 2SUIT(E) 1

Nottingham producer Littlefoot makes it into our round-up for the second time. This dudes grimey take on UKG has incited many a gun finger in the rave.

Kessler – Ambivalent

Rotterdam via Belfast producer Kessler has had a prolific year, and one that has put him deservedly in the underground spotlight. One of the most exciting producers in electronic music makes his Shall Not Fade debut with six bass-driven, breaksy jams. Cop that pre-order now.

ELLES & Violet – Midnight at the Premier Inn

Emo-throwbacks and introspective club from naive label head Violet and close friend ELLES. Feeling sad? This might just be what you need to listen to right now.

Planet Euphorique – Tiny Planet Vol. 3

D.Tiffany’s excellent imprint serves up four bubbling cuts from the cream of the Canadian crop. Deep energy and plenty of colourful twists and turns that have become a staple of the label.

Facta – Doves/MPH

On one side: weirdo melodies that ping and pong sporadically across a 4×4 riddim. On the other: heartstring tugging vocals chops and emo-electronics. Facta does it best.

Route 8 – Tomorrow Comes Today

This track stirs up so many emotions for us – feelings of neglected nostalgia lost on the road. In combination with the video created by Richard Fülöp, it’s like taking a trip back down memory lane, so vivid you can almost smell the tarmac.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the album from Route 8 on Lobster Theremin. You can also check out the video for Tomorrow Comes Today here. 

Sal Dulu – Alien Boy 96

We came across Sal Dulu only a few weeks back, and man are we glad he sent stuff through; how this dude hasn’t blown up yet we’ll never know. His compositions can range from classical, to hip hop and experimental sample-led destruction.

Alien Boy 96 is a deep cut of raw emotive energy, and another reason why Sal is one of the most promising producers in Ireland right now.

 DOS – Lucid Dreams 

A sun kissed exploration through tipsy days gone by. If Work That doesn’t put a smile on your face and a spring in your step we don’t know what will.

Sully – Swandive 

Couldn’t feel my face for days after listening to this masterpiece from Sully. A contemporary nod to the Jungle of old, while keeping one foot on the gas all the way to the depths of a dark room dripping in sweat.

Shielding  – Collecting Seaweed 

Label favourite Wisdom Teeth come thru with 5 killer cuts from Swedish producer Shielding. The EP delves into a rich texture filled world, lost in fog and thought. We can’t wait to see what’s up next!

Shunaji – Juniper Helium 

Shunaji takes inspiration from her emo and alt rock influences on Juniper & Helium – a track which she describes as her ‘dark side of the moon’. Broken into two parts, Shunaji contemplates both social and environmental issues that resonated deep with both of us. A track to revisit during times of introspection. 

4th December 2020